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BET's Joe Clair Shooting Travel Show in Belize

There is something about San Pedro – La Isla Bonita and Belize – Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret that attracts millions of tourists, actors singers and other celebrities to visit or film shows here and this week was no exception as former BET (Black Entertainment Television) star Joe Clair was in the country working on his own television show and shooting the first episode for Joey’s World Show.

“We’re doing a new show, my company, and I work with Nigel Miguel. We’re doing a new a travel show, and it is really aimed at African Americans, blacks in the States,” commented Joe Clair to News 7.

“And what I wanted to do was highlight places we should go and things we should see. And most of the times us in America, we think if I go to Belize I am going to go find resorts; stay at the resort and I might go out once or twice. Me? I want to feel the people, I want to know what the culture is, I want to know what the history is, I want to know what is really going on today – what are you listening to, how do you party, what is the political climate like. All of those things so Nigel said okay perfect, I know exactly what to do. Come to Belize and so here we are.”

Clare was shooting in Belize for seven days and Film Commissioner Nigel Miguel hopes the show will be picked up by BET. “He’s actually filming a lifestyle travel show featuring Belize’s culture, food, song, dance, people, locations – what people would do when they come to Belize through Joe Clair’s eyes,” commented Nigel Miguel, Film Commissioner.

Ambergris Caye was honored to be one of his first stops. Joe and his entourage was able to spend time at La Perla del Caribe, Portofino Beach Resort, Hidden Treasures, Coconut’s Hotel, the downtown strip and of course Fido’s and Jaguar’s Temple Night Club! More importantly Joe was able to meet the many types of people who enjoy “da Caye” lifestyle full time; he even sat down for a chit chat with Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia.

Joe and his Producer loved the multiple facets of the island and promise to come back for some quality time with her residents, real soon. We welcome his speedy return! Joe Clair planned to tour the entire country for a week and the post production will be done in Belize.

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