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Boogie in Belize V Tsunami Skydivers are Back for More!

The view of Ambergris Caye at 13,000 feet is probably one of the most spectacular sights one can experience, but plummeting down at 30 feet per second is not on the To-Do list of any of us at Ambergris Today. It was only when Melody worked with us that she braved through the adventure of what has become an annual event in San Pedro – The Tsunami Skydivers “Boogie in Belize”. We recommend the skydiving to those who love extreme sports and feeling that adrenaline; there are plenty of locals who we know have a will to join in the fun.

Rich Grimm is back on his fifth trip to San Pedro with his team of professional skydivers. The team arrived on the Island February 14 and will be here until February 23. This year Rich told Ambergris Today that there are about 64 skydivers participating this year. While chatting with him, the question was popped – “Is it true this will be the Tsunami Skydivers last year in La Isla Bonita?” His answer was still filled with uncertainty; Rich Grimm said “Maybe, I am not so sure. There is the issue with the cost of bringing the Cessna Caravan plane, which is getting quite expensive in these hard times. Then there is still the issue of the empty lot where we land. We still do not know when construction starts there. When it does, we won’t have any other place to land.”

On Sunday, February 15, Rich and the skydivers held a charity poker fundraiser to raise money to donate to the San Pedro Library. They raised $3,200 and along with the money they are also donating other items in order for the library to share out with the different students of different schools here on the island. Besides this donation, the team was also selling DVD’s and has one more donation to give out to the library. In addition, $2,700 was also donated to the Holy Cross Anglican School.

Furthermore, the skydivers are also planning to go skydiving on the Blue Hole on Friday. They will be killing two birds with one stone – skydiving and scuba diving at the beautiful Blue Hole. This time instead of landing on land, they will land on top of water. Why not try out something different and exciting…after all they are in San Pedro!

Tandem jumps are being offered for $225 US and if you want pictures and a video there is an additional fee of $110US. Let’s hope for the Tsunami Skydivers to be back on the island next year so that both locals and visitors can enjoy this extreme sport every year. So come on! Time is running out! Get signed up at Sun breeze Hotel; live the adrenaline and get to love the view at 13,000 feet up in the sky and get to experience something new!

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