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Carnival Spirit 2006

Carnival 2006 got off to a rocky start as painting was at its minimal and only one comparsa did its rounds around town on Sunday, February 26, 2006. And on Monday, a rainy day put a damper on all the painting and celebration for most of the day. Nobody could go out to the streets to paint each other as the rain drenched everything. It was only until about 4:00p.m. that the rain subsided and the painting reveler took to the streets.

The sun was big and bright on the last day of Carnival, Tuesday, and the children and teens took to the streets early and painted up to midnight. Only two comparsas made their rounds on the streets this year. Tropic air sponsored one of them and the second was a group of lively men who called themselves the “Rakata Women” (or men if you look closely. Over all, it was joyous Carnival 2006 with no violence and good clean fun.

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