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Central American Cub Scout Encounter

The San Pedro #15 Cub Scout Group will be taking part in the Central American Cub Scout Encounter at Camp Oakley in Burrell Boom, Belize from Saturday, April 4 to Wednesday, April 8. This year Belize will be the host of seven other countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

The objective of the Cub Scout event is to bring together participants from the region for an unforgettable experience. The event will include fun-filled educational, creative, and cultural activities based on the new program CURA (challenging, useful, rewarding and attractive). The event will relate to the Educational Objectives and will have a symbolic framework as proposed in the Cub Scout Program for Boys and Girls ages 7 – 11.

The event will be a fun-filled week with lots of activities for the Cub Scouts to enjoy; there will be lots of educational games, recreational games, character development, spiritual activities, traditional games and cultural and food festivals. The pack of 15 cubs will be heading to Burrel Boom under the supervision of Scout Leader Mr. Emidio Acosta, Mrs. Wendy Gilharry (Assistant Scout Leader), Mrs. Silvia Sedassey (Cub Leader) and Mrs. Maribel Ramirez (Assistant Cub Leader).

Mr. Emidio would like to thank Mr. Roberts of War Paint for sponsoring the trip and Mrs. Roxannie Kay principal of the San Pedro R.C. School for sponsoring the pack. Any child interested in being a part of the Cub Scout group can fill out applications at the office of the R.C. Primary School. Donations for the pack are also being accepted kindly contact Mrs. Kay or Mr. Acosta at 226-2550.

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