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Chinese Man Swallows Boledo Ticket!

A strange, but funny, rumor came through our office this past week. It seems that a Chinese merchant who sells Boledo “Lottery” tickets intentionally swallowed a winning ticket after he refused to pay up winnings of $10,000. Now these are only rumors and not confirmed facts. After a man discovered that he had won big on a Sunday Boledo, he went over to claim his $10,000 winnings to a Chinese merchant. Not wanting to pay up the big cash win, the merchant proceeded to swallow the ticket so as to destroy any evidence that someone had won. After telling this story to other people, we discovered that this is not the first time this has happened. Other reports say that other Boledo sellers have done the exact same thing. So maybe the next time you go claim your winnings, make sure you photo copy your ticket just incase someone gets hungry!

Election Day Coming Early

Speculations on the date of National Elections 2008 have been going around the country even before the coming of the New Year. March had been set aside for the elections but now it seems that the governing PUP Government is pushing the date up a few weeks. Rumors have it that elections will take place as early as February. That is just a month away. We guess that is why we see the candidates here in San Pedro moving along quite fast with their billboards and campaigns. We believe the official announcement of Election Day will come very soon. Stay tuned.

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