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Credit Union Robbed at Gunpoint

Elvis Canul, 28 year old Belizean Manager of St. Francis Xavier of DFC Area, reported to Police that on Monday, January 14, at about 9:40 a.m. three Creole males entered the credit union dressed in full black and armed with a fire arm attacked the security officer of L.A.G Security Service and proceeded to rob the establishment.

Security Guard Neftali Acosta was knocked with a fire arm on the right eye and the men over powered him, taking away his L.A.G Security 0.38 revolver, chrome and black in color with 5 live rounds. The men then proceeded towards the tellers’ desk and demanded money at gunpoint to Elisa Novelo, one of the customer service tellers.

The teller pointed towards the drawers and the men robbed a total of $7,880.64 in cash in different denominations from the cash register and made their escape with the money and the revolver belonging to the security guard. Eye witnesses say that the men escaped in a white Mexican skiff with red trim. The Police sent out a patrol from Belize City with the aid of the Coast Guard which was in the Bacalar Chico area. The search also included assistance from Caye Caulker personnel, but was unsuccessful.

The security guard was then taken to the San Pedro Poly Clinic II for treatment of his injuries and no other staff member of the credit union was injured. This matter is still under investigation. The robbery was caught by the surveillance camera.

This is the second time that the St. Francis Credit Union has been robbed. Last year, thieves managed to steal the business safe but were caught loading it onto a skiff by the police before they managed to escape.

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