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DNA Launches '2nd Chapter'

DNA officially launched its “Second Chapter” album this Thursday at the Reef Radio studios, pumping up the catchy dancehall/reggaeton sounds of their lead single “You are the One” through the airwaves and to the many listeners throughout the day.

This sensational group of local San Pedro artists made up of David, Nestor, and Alex (DNA), first came to the island spotlight about one year and a half ago, when they released their first album “Corazon Delinquente” with the crowd-pleasing song “Maria”. Now they have written, composed, and recorded their second chapter, which is available for purchase for all their Belizean fans.

ColaboratorsThe CD comes with 12 tracks, including three DJ remixes and an Intro. “Second Chapter” also features the musical talents of three other aspiring island artists, namely Reef Radio’s DJ Don Julio, who is responsible for the CD’s Intro, Young Soldier, and Claudia Haylock.

The songs are varied, combining dancehall, reggaeton, and reggae from the Caribbean music genre currently hot in the charts in places like Puerto Rico, Panama, the Dominican Republic and here in Belize.

Tracks are both in English, Spanish, and a mixture of both, written mostly by Nestor and David, with the assistance of Alex, who also wrote 2 of the new album’s songs. One song in the compilation was written by Don Julio. “The second album project got started about two months ago and was completed just recently,” Alex “Maestro X” Norales told Ambergris Today this Wednesday.

“We were very disappointed after not getting invited to perform at this year’s Costa Maya Festival, so we decided to channel our energies into writing some new songs before the September celebrations took place. The Town Council gave us the opportunity to perform the new numbers during the 10th of September pageant and for the midnight “El Grito” ceremonies, Independence Day. During that same period, we were also invited to perform at the Youth Xchange Block Party that took place in Belize City. All the time, we saw great crowd response to our songs and since there is a market out there, we decided to keep on top of the game and produced a new album.”

DNA decided to put together an album with many of the songs sung in Spanish with a little jingle in English, but two of the songs in the album are done completely in English.

“The songs are more like a mellow form of reggaeton, unlike the ‘raw’ type coming out of Puerto Rico and Panama,” said Alex ‘Maestro X’. “We wanted to stay in the middle with these songs because we wanted to keep it mild and not make it harsh for our young fans and at the same time, keep the support of their parents.”

‘Second Chapter’ was recorded entirely on the island by DNA Music and MX Records, the latter owned by Alex. The group feels that this album will be their breakthrough for their musical career, as all the songs are great and bound to become hits here in Belize and even abroad, where DNA is looking forward to market their CD.

“Our next priority will be to make several music videos for our songs with the help of a music video director/producer in Belize City,” mentioned Alex Norales. “We also plan to keep very busy this year by releasing many other singles so that when December comes around, we will have recorded and produced another album in our studios. Our goal is to continue composing and recording songs and make our music a lifetime career.”

For their most recent album project, DNA tried to include as much talented island artists to be featured in their record. Alex also acknowledged DNA’s supporters and expressed thanks to their spouses, parents, and fans, who kept on telling the young group “¿Cuando van a sacar otro?” or “When was DNA coming up with another album?”

Well, it’s here now and fans can buy the new album to enjoy the lively dance songs, and we also ask you to please refrain from piracy to help support these talented local artists. Look out for the DNA live performance coming up soon at Jaguar’s Temple Nightclub during the reggaeton jam session, which will include other talents from around Belize.

Photo Caption:
1. Nestor Rivero, Alex Norales and David Aguilar at the recording studio.
2. Young Soldier and Don Julio are featured in DNA’s Second Chapter album.

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