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Eight Year Old Author Visits Island

Just a few days after New Year’s Day, young author Gigi Harris donated a signed copy of her book to the San Pedro Library. Miss Harris began her book when she was six years old, and then it was selected for publication when she was eight. The book is also illustrated by Miss Harris. The story, “Stella and Orion” is about two children who were both named after stars and become friends. There are 10 short chapters as you follow their lives, and each chapter has illustrations of the children in their escapades.

Gigi Harris is the granddaughter of Dr. Wil and Susan Lala of San Pedro, and is here on holiday with her parents. She lives with her parents near Kansas City in the United States. It was one of Miss Harris’ dreams to have her story published, and now it has happened. So our advice to all our readers is to never stop dreaming!

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