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First Aid Training

Bandage International, a Canada-based non-profit organization was on the island this past week providing medical education and training to key personnel and island residents through the Belize Red Cross.

The group was on the island for approximately five days, 16 days total in the country, in which they taught such things as basic and advanced first aid, CPR, water rescue and safety, advanced airway and disaster training. Thirteen people participated in the program including the fire department, police department and members of the Belize Red Cross and Hyperbaric Chamber.

SimulationBandage International also has plans to help San Pedro form an emergency team for the island. The team has previously visited the island with similar programs and this time also visited other small communities around the country providing the same training and assistance.

Photo Caption:
1. From Bandage International Advanced Care Paramedic Omar Corsettti & Darryl Chickness, San Pedro Nurse Natalie Palen and Primary Care Paramedic Jeff Gaul.
2. A fake injury is the setting to test the participants skills.

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