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Forbes Most Expensive Private Islands 2006

The distinguished U.S. magazine, Forbes, recently published their list for the “Most Expensive Private Islands 2006” and Belize’s Grand Bogue Caye tied for sixth place in the world, sharing the spot with the Blue Lagoon island in Fiji and Allan Island in Washington State, U.S.A.

According to the article in Forbes, Grand Bogue Caye is priced at $25 million. The description goes on to say: “This island is so appealing that a brother of the Sultan of Brunei and Bill Gates have reportedly come to check it out. The largest private island left capable of being developed in Belize, it is unusual in that it is not overgrown with mangroves. Grand Bogue, totaling about 314 acres, has large beaches, coral flats, and forests.”

These private treasurers are “not just for the pathologically reclusive or tragically stranded…but are coveted by billionaires and celebrities alike” mentions Forbes. “The main incentive to owning an entire island is pretty obvious: keyword ‘private.’ A huge margin of water serves as a far more effective barrier to the outside world than a stone wall, automatic gate or towering privet hedge. There are no noisy neighbors; no photographers may set foot on your beach without permission.” Add to this list the element of fantasy on having your own private island and its no wonder the properties are highly coveted, especially since there is a finite supply of them.

“If the prices on our list are too steep, don’t despair,” the article mentions. “Though the big ones are certainly desirable, often because of development potential, the best islands for private retreats are often smaller and far cheaper…An island that is five, ten, or 20 acres, that’s human-sized…something you can walk around in an hour or two hours, and, of course, you still won’t bump into any neighbors.” (Source:

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Bogue Caye

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