Francis Eiley Releases Book of Poetry

“Caged Chronicles” is the name of the book, and what is it all about? It is about selected poems written by Francis “Chino” Eiley from behind prison bars. For those of us who enjoy digesting good reading material, here is a book about to be released on Friday, February 19, 2010 right here in San Pedro in front of El Fogon Restaurant. Attendance to this memorable and very significant occasion is by invitations, as well as through this medium as Francis asked us to invite the entire town to come and share in his joy, his victory, his celebration of freedom and justice.

Caged Chronicles is about Cries of Justice- justice that Chino thought would never come. For seven long years behind prison bars for a crime he did not commit, Chino fought with every living cell in his being for courage to come out of that cage. And in his times of despondency, that is when Chino took to the pen and paper to release his feelings through his poems.

Caged Chronicles speaks about those who have been unfairly accused. It talks about those victims of society who are behind prison bars. It is about Francis reaching out to the world for help when the Judicial System had failed. It is about seven years of injustice, humiliation, loneliness, pain and sadness put into words through these poems-his poems. His only consolation and strength is his innocence.

Critique by Angel Nuñez: “San Pedro and Friends all over the world, get ready to enjoy and feel in your veins the joy of this book, Caged Chronicles Cries for Justice. I was fortunate as Chino’s Godfather to read some of his poems and was immediately impressed by his thoughts, his attitude, and his courage. Very impressive is his very first poem entitled, “Dear Tio Galento” in which Francis laments not on what happened to him, but what happened to his Tio Galento. Friends, this is a very dear book because it is genuine. It is something you have to live, be crucified, to really understand. But Chino makes us live this experience through his poems. I highly recommend everyone to read and enjoy.”

In his first years behind prison bars, Chino dealt in anger, lamentations, and revenge. But one day, after five years of this misery, Chino witnessed his best friend being shot and killed right in prison. It was the turning point of his life and his quest for freedom and justice really began. It was meditation and inspiration that built up his courage to keep on and his poems kept him up. Ambergris Today salutes Chino and wishes him well. This book will help each and every one of us to keep fighting for what we believe is just and right.”

Francis Eiley Releases Book of Poetry

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