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Gerry Jumps over Ambergris Caye

Boggie in Belize Skydiving Event Continues to Invest in Belize

Rich Grimm of Tsunami Skydiving, Ltd. of California, arrived in Belize on Monday, February 15 to launch the 6th annual “Boogie in Belize” skydiving event in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. After all these years residents are still thrilled to see the skydivers plunge down to our shores. The adrenaline rush is felt throughout the island during the skydivers’ stay.

It is this adrenaline that Ambergris Today’s Gerry Badillo was seeking on Monday, February 22, as he was invited by Rich Grimm to take the giant leap with his skydivers. Gerry was more than happy to take the challenge.

“It is one of the best experiences of my life…It was AWESOME!” stated Gerry as he made landfall or touchdown. Ambergris Today’s first jump with the skydivers was with Melody back in 2006.

“We are so excited to be back,” commented Rich Grimm to Ambergris Today. “We have skydivers from all over the world that keep coming back for more. We cannot ask for more than this beautiful paradise to do what we all love the most.”

Andy Butchko, a Belizean skydiver and his partner Antoinette Loflin, of Belizean Textiles, were instrumental in assisting with the coordination of the annual boogie skydiving event in Belize. Andy is a frequent participant and supporter of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) Airwing’s parachuting exercises and has donated numerous equipment items to the BDG Airwing.

Over the last four years the Oapn Paki show in Belize City has teamed up with boogie in Belize in publicizing and promoting the annual skydiving event, along with the local island newspapers. This year the Oapn Paki show will be aired on Love FM & Love TV on Sunday, February 28.

Rosalie Staines, the host of the show, will jump for the 4th consecutive year at the jump site in San Pedro. The live jumps started on Sunday, February 21 and run thru March 10. All Belizeans and visitors to Belize are invited to participate for a minimal cost. Let’s fly like an eagle during Boogie in Belize…

Every year the event’s participants spend over a half million dollars on hotels, tours, restaurants, bars, and other rentals over a two-week period. Additionally the 125 plus visitors have donated in excess of $100,000 annually in books and school supplies to schools on the island.

Gerry Jumps over Ambergris CayeGerry Jumps over Ambergris CayeGerry Jumps over Ambergris CayeGerry Jumps over Ambergris CayeGerry Jumps over Ambergris CayeGerry Jumps over Ambergris Caye

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