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Golf Car Runs Over Street Vendor

Mechanical problems suffered by a golf car being driven by a young woman caused an accident this past Tuesday afternoon on Coconut Drive at the intersection with Seastar Street.

The black golf car backed up on a fruit vendor who was sitting near her place of business on the street corner, as onlookers, including the vendor’s son, quickly rushed to aid the accident victim.

The fruit vendor, a lady in her fifties, was rushed to the nearby Los Pinos Clinic where she received medical assistance. HelicopterAccording to the clinic’s staff, the victim received large bruises to the left abdomen and upper leg area. While at Los Pinos, the afflicted lady also suffered from very low blood pressure and the decision was made to transport her by helicopter to Belize City where further tests were to be made at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital to check for internal bleeding by ultrasound.

Preliminary police information said that both the police and transport department were checking on the golf car and the driver of the vehicle. As of press time, all indications pointed to a mechanical failure causing the golf car accident on Tuesday afternoon.

Photo Caption:
1. Family members at the site of the accident talk to law officials.
2. Fruit vendor was airlifted to KHMH in Belize City.

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