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Governor General’s Arts Program

The San Pedro chapter of the Governor General’s Music and Arts in School Program is embarking on a wonderful educational program which will offer children and teenagers the opportunity to get involved in a productive program and keep them away from mischief and off the streets.

Instead of hanging around with nothing to do on the weekends, youth between the age of 8 to 20 years will be able to pick from a list of fun subjects in the arts. All classes are FREE of charge.

Over the weekend, parents and instructors for the classes were invited to an open house meeting to learn more about the program. Over a dozen local artists and volunteers were on hand to explain what subjects they would take charge of. The fun and educational classes would only take about an hour and its duration would depend on the subject; some will run longer than other. Classes will begin as of Saturday, February 4.

Heading the committee for the Governor General’s program in San Pedro are Evan Vernon (Chairman), Deona Pilgrim, Curvin Mitchel, Frank Cadle, Tony Brown and Profirio Carlos. Committee members will also tour classrooms this week signing up students.

Some of the classes that will be offered are Woodwork, Music (piano, guitar, drums, violin, harmonica…), Arts, Drawing, Batik fabric painting, Journalism, Poetry, Digital Photography, Drama, Dance, Landscaping, Origami (paper folding art), (Poi (Fire Dancing) and the list will only grow as more volunteers make this program more successful. Spaces for classes have been graciously donated by San Pedro High School, Medical University of the Americas, St. Peter’s and San Pedro Roman Catholic School.

Location and scheduling for the classes will be assigned per subject as they get full. For more information contact committee chairman Evan Vernon at 605-7328. Sir Colville Young, Governor General of Belize is a patron of the arts in the country and has various music and arts programs running under his organization. The San Pedro branch is authorized by the Governor General to use his name for the project and for fundraising events to collect much needed funds to run the program.

Photo Caption:
Committee members of the SP Branch of the Governor General’s Music & Arts Program Evan Vernon (Chairman), Curvin Mitchel, Frank Cadle, Profirio Carlos and Deona Pilgrim.

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