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Grand UDP Rally

In a well attended event at Central Park, the UDP convention seemed very upbeat with the general message that a lot of progress has come to San Pedro under its tenure and that it is our duty to keep this progress alive and going.

The UDP friends and supporters were welcomed to the venue with lovely red and white T-shirts to boast the color of the party. The welcome address was offered by Manuel Leiva, chairman of the UDP Committee, who told the gathering that during his time he has been in San Pedro he has seen much progress of the town especially under a UDP Town Council and he urged the crowd to keep progress alive.

Speaker after speaker gave the enthusiastic feeling that this dynamic seven person team has worked diligently and that they are confident that when given this other opportunity San Pedro will see much more progress.

Mayor Paz, and present candidate for mayorship, spoke about the great accomplishments under her stewardship including cobblestone streets, parks, improved garbage collection with compactor, among others. As for this third term in office, which she is confident she will accomplish with the support of her San Pedro people, she plans on concentrating her undivided efforts on youths, sports and education. She called on all young people for their unequivocal support.

The keynotes speaker, Prime Minister Barrow and Hon. Heredia both spoke about how well the new government has performed and about the great relationship the town council has with central government. Under this partnership the town council can receive tremendous support from central government and will continue to do so during the next three years.

After the formal speeches the ecstatic crowd at central park, to the cry of “Keep progress alive” was entertained by Orange Walk’s Super Furia Band until the wee hours of the morning during which time there was plenty of dancing, congratulating, and drinks galore!

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