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Healing Hands Massage Center

After hearing several good remarks of massage therapist, Cecy Lara, we decided to experience on our own Cecy’s Healing Hands. Cecy invited the staff of Ambergris Today to experience several of the treatments that her massage center has to offer.

To start off our session I got to experience a Hot Stone Massage which is a traditional Swedish specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones. The stones are basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well. The massage is deeply soothing and relaxing as the heat helps to relax tight muscles. Hot stones were placed along my spine in the chakra areas. The heat from the stones helps for muscles to relax and increase the blood flow to the area being worked on which further accelerates the healing process. This increase in circulation and the relaxation of the muscles also aid in mental relaxation. This massage is great for those persons who do not like deep tissue massage yet it as effective as a deep tissue massage.

Up next was Scarleth; she had the Ear Candling treatment. Ear candling is a natural, non-intrusive procedure that helps alleviate the painful effects of chronic headaches, swimmer’s ear, ear infections, blocked sinuses, allergies and minor hearing loss due to excessive earwax build-up. For this treatment Cecy uses a natural hallow cone made with wax and herbs. She places one of the ends in the ear and the other end is lit. Cecy then massages your shoulder and face while the candle burns, extracting unwanted material, debris and wax from the ear.

Cecy then prepared some hot water for Perlita to enjoy a first class spa pedicure. The pedicure started off with Pearl soaking her feet in a soothing therapeutic Dead Sea mineral bath. Her nails were carefully and skillfully filed and shaped; cuticles and the bottom of each foot are smoothed and softened. Pearl enjoyed a relaxing and warming salt scrub foot massage. To finish her treatment Cecy painted Pearl’s toenails with her choice of polish.

To end our treatment sessions of Cecy’s “Healing Hands” Dorian got a one of a kind facial. The facial included a gentle cleansing, toner exfoliation and steam. Dorian got to enjoy all of this while enjoying a neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage (What better way for the boss to be relieved of some stress we give him at the office!). The massage ended with a mud masque and moisturizer which left Dorian’s face with a radiant glow!

We all agreed that after our sessions at Healing Hands Massage Center, we all felt relaxed and wanting for more! No wonder Cecy receives raving reviews and lots of tourists ask for her services. But worry not local residents, Cecy also offers her services to you too!

In today’s fast paced society, we often experience imbalances due to stress, sleeplessness, poor diet, insufficient exercise, chemicals and pollutants. These factors are known to contribute to a decline in physical vigor and show their signs on your skin – the largest organ of the body. The good news is that many of these effects can be effectively treated safely and naturally with therapeutic massage …. Heals the body, calms the mind and renews the spirit.

So if you’re suffering from headaches, neck stiffness, backaches muscle pains or simply want to relax and reduce stress, contact Cecy Lara at 621-8025 for appointments. When Ambergris Today recommends it, it’s got to be good! Note: Cecy chose the name “Healing Hands’ for her massage center because her grandfather was renowned for his healing hands as a bone healer in San Pedro!

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