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Isla Bonita at Band Fest

The Isla Bonita Marching Band represented San Pedro at Band Fest 2009 in San Ignacio this past Saturday, April 4. Although the band was small compared to the 13 other bands that were participating, did not win or place in any of the categories, they sure made us proud as they led the parade through the streets of San Ignacio.

Teacher Addy Trejo mentioned that they are very proud of the 18 students that participated and that the Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young commented that he was very impressed by the way the kids played their drums with much enthusiasm and lots of energy.

“This was a very good experience for the drum core and if we want to get to the level of the others bands it will take much work and dedication as well of the support of the community,” commented principal Trejo.

Isla Bonita Elementary School would like to give thanks to the following persons and individuals: Patty Arceo, Marina’s Store, Lebanese Store, Julissa, Hummingbird Shop, S.P Hardware, Caribbean Villas, Nasser Grocery Store, Alex, Milo Paz Jr., Caribeña Fuels, Coconut Hotel, Perla Escondida, Corona Del Mar Hotel, The Gallery, Monkey Bites, Exotic Beach Resort, Orange Gift Shop, Marina’s Vegetables, Dr. Lerida Rodriguez, BYC, Craft Shop, La Isla Grocery Store, Changes In Latitude, Barrera’s Auto Parts, San Pedro Distributors, Island Supermarket, Wine De Vine, Remax, Lime, Tropic Cargo, Graniel’s and Graniel’s Dreamland, WES, Juvines’s Bar, Barabar Shop, Caye Supplies, Kathy’s Shop, Island Hardware, Le’s Clarise, Domingos’s Tortillas, Super Buy, Ana Ico, Dalia’s Store, Varela’s, My Secrete Deli, Joe’s Bike Rentals, San Carlos Clinic, Mimo’s Store, Coral Cable Vision, Hollywood Realty, Malak’s, Aquarius, Milo’s Center, C’s Phones, Green House, Liquor Box, Sea Turtles, Martha’s Ice, Rum & Cigar House, Dental Clinic, Mash Hardware, Lino’s Meat Shop, El Dorado’s Store, Island Magic, El Patio, Lourde’s Store, Alice Store, Shenny’s World, First Caribbean Bank, Kristy Gonzalez, Castle Carts, Ruby’s Café, Holiday Hotel, Melissa Marin, Caribbean Supermarket, Southwind Property’s, Internet Café, Manelly’s Ice Cream, San Pedrano’s Store, San Pedrano’s Stationery, Castillo’s Hardware, Maya Grocery Store, Mr. Manuel Heredia Jr., The Palms, M & G Grocery Store, La Popular Bakery, San Pedro Town Council.

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