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Johnny Knoxville and Howie Mandel Visit Island

Johnny Knoxville Vacations in SP

MTV’s Jackass-famed celebrity visits island – Ambergris Today heard, ‘through the grapevines’, the news that a famous celebrity was coming to the island on vacation. Our reporters rushed on over to Tropic Air where they got to greet and meet the one and only Mr. Johnny Knoxville who was accompanied by his girlfriend.

The ‘MTV Jackass’ star came after a brief stay in Placencia and was very friendly and humble. He got a mini photo shoot from our staff and even signed autographs for some of his fans. When offered one of our newspapers, he gladly posed and took the newspaper home with him so he could learn a little more about the island.

We got word from the Tropic Air staff in the municipal airport that he had pictures taken with them as well and even bought a case of Belikin Beer for the staff there. Once on the Island word got out very quickly of his visit as he was not one of those ‘celebrities in hiding’ kind.

Johnny Knoxville’s has also been seen in movies that include ‘The Ringer’, ‘Men in Black’ and ‘The Dukes of Hazard’, but is most famous for the MTV series ‘Jackass’ and the two Jackass movies as well.

“Deal or No Deal” Star Howie Mandel in San Pedro

Ambergris Today was tipped once again of a second celebrity sighting on the island. It was no other than Mr. Howie Mandel of the NBC game show Deal or no Deal, along with ‘The Banker’ also from the game show.

Mr. Mandel a Canadian-American stand-up comedian/television host/actor is also well known for his role as Dr. Wayne Fiscus on the NBC medical drama ‘St. Elsewhere’, as creator and star of the children’s cartoon ‘Bobby’s World’ and as the voice of Gizmo in the 1984 hit ‘Gremlins’ and its 1990 sequel ‘Gremlins 2: The New Batch’.

Howie and ‘The Banker’ are vacationing on the island taking a break from the ‘money give-aways and are here relaxing on La Isla Bonita. Ambergris Today extends them a warm welcome and hope they enjoy their vacation time on the island!

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