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Lee-La Vernon Entertains R.C. School Children

Lee-La Vernon, the famous Belizean singer/dancer who embodies the very essence of Creole culture, performed her captivating Brukdong and Sambai dances as well as her original songs last Friday at the San Pedro R.C. School grounds, showcasing a highly-energetic and entertaining event for hundreds of children. Lee-La was invited by the school to do a cultural presentation on the Creole people of Belize in observance of Culture Day for Child Stimulation Month.

Lee-La’s passion for life, and her deep and abiding love for the Creole culture, motivates the artist to use her musical talents as a vehicle to express, share and preserve the culture and history of her people. Last Friday, she demonstrated this love by performing her catchy songs and dances for the children, including “Kriol Kulcha” and “Palo Bonito.” Lee-La comes from a talented musical heritage background. She is the niece of one of Belize’s foremost classical vocalists and musicians, the late Birty Martinez. In 1987, Lee-La founded the creative and culturally rich dance and drama art group the Ibolites. The group started out with only four members and at its height, the Ibolites grew to having over 72 members. It was through the cultural presentations of this group that Leela educated both Belizeans and the international community on the Creole culture, showcasing her Roosho and Sadunga dances, original lyrics, poems, songs and dramatic sketches.

LeelaWhether it is the Queen of England, who Lee-La entertained in 1994 or a group of primary schoolchildren, as she wonderfully did last Friday, Lee-La always ensures that the promotion of Creole culture is paramount in her entertaining. When she visited the Ambergris Today office last Friday afternoon, Lee-La was herself, talking about her beloved culture and how she continues her efforts everyday to educate Belize’s younger generation.

“It is important for our children to always remember our rich cultural heritage,” said Lee-La Vernon. “We should never forget to educate them about Belize and its peoples, and as parents, it is our responsibility to do so everyday.”

The brief talk that our newspaper staff had with Lee-La last Friday only confirmed her passion for life and the Creole culture of Belize. She is really an extraordinary woman and talented artist, a great asset for our country and her people. It would really be an honor to have her perform for the International Costa Maya Festival in San Pedro, which takes place in August. “I will be available in August,” Lee-La told us with a big smile. Her new album release is due this September, just in time for the patriotic celebrations.

Photo Caption:
1. Melody Marlow meets Lee-La Vernon.
2. Lee-La performs at R.C. Primary School.

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