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Lotto's First San Pedro Winner

“I don’t believe you!” blurted a nervous and excited Ceni Rivero Azueta to her husband, 34-year-old Ernesto James Azueta last Thursday night when he informed her that he had bought the winning ticket.

But believe she did, as James brought home the bacon ($65,897.10 after the Belize Government Tax was levied), this Monday after collecting the fat check at the Lotto offices in Belize City.

James bought the winning numbers (02, 08, 12, 32, 33) last week Wednesday at Warpaint on Pescador Drive, but did not find out that he had won big-time until he arrived home after work late Thursday evening.

“I picked the numbers using my date of birth and my wife’s and daughter’s date of birth,” recalled James. “The last two numbers were picked because I started buying Lotto when I turned 32 years of age, and I included the following year.” When James arrived home last Thursday, his wife Ceni told him that three of the numbers that he played had been picked, but she wasn’t sure about the two other remaining numbers that he had chosen last Wednesday.

“What are the other numbers?” James asked Ceni. “32 and 33,” she replied nervously. “I picked those numbers; we won!” James exclaimed to his lovely wife who was almost in tears at this moment. She could not believe it at first, but soon changed her mind when she saw the lucky ticket.

James and Ceni, proud parents of a 9-year-old daughter, plan to use their winnings for their child’s education and construction of their house. James, originally from San Ignacio, Cayo, but a resident of San Pedro for 14 years, will go down in history as the island’s first Lotto jackpot winner. We hope that many more follow in his lucky footsteps.

Photo Caption:
James Azueta, with wife Ceni, bought his winning ticket at War Paint.

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