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Mexico To Return Land to Belize

While Guatemala is disputing a portion of Belizean land that they claim belongs to them, Mexico, on the other hand, is thinking and planning of returning a part of territory which they have discovered belongs to Belize. The Department of External Affairs has officially informed that Mexico is in talks with Belize, which is just south of their border, in order to properly define the boundaries of the two countries.

The government of Mexico will return to Belize a portion of territory that was erroneously defined more than a century ago according to the Mexican Government’s Department of External Affairs. In an official communiqué Mexico has said that this transaction will be achieved in a new treaty that will re-define its borders with Belize.

An initial agreement has been made and pending now are some observations and feedback from Belize as it relates to several points on the borderline for example on the Bay of Chetumal. The present treaty signed in July of 1893 (one hundred and seventeen years ago) contains important errors which give to Mexico a portion of land that has always been for Belize, according to the Department of External Affairs.

The Government of Mexico has reminded the Government of Belize that they had made this proposal to Belize in 2003 and that they are currently considering the matter. Both nations are presently in technical discussions to determine the basis under which the new treaty will be made.

Although no official word has come out of Belmopan, Ambergris Today has obtained this information from “El Universal” an official newspaper in Mexico that confirmed the facts with the Mexican Government. If all goes well according to our source, Belize will, in the near future be more than 8,867 square miles.

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