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Pampered Paws Cleanup Day

After noticing that the stretch of beach where they regularly walk their ‘dog clients’ was getting a little dirty with litter, the staff of Pampered Paws decided to hold a beach cleanup day to help make a section of the island a bit more cheerful and clean.

Professional dog groomer and trainer Kathy Marin, proprietor of Pampered Paws on Pescador Drive, took to a stretch of beach just south of Royal Palm Villas on a Sunday and made the best of a Bar-B-Que picnic by cleaning up the beach of garbage that had been piling up for some time now.

“I just thought it would be a great idea for my staff and me to take some time off our busy schedule and help in keeping our island clean,” commented Kathy. “We use the beach area to walk our dog and clean up after ourselves but after some time we noticed that there was garbage accumulating in the area. We decided it would be a great idea to clean up the beach since we enjoy its beauty on a regular basis.”

Kathy and her staff collected over 10 large trash bags full of plastic bottles, containers and everyday human trash noting that they left the accumulating seaweed intact as it helps with building up the beach. She told Ambergris Today that they were glad to have received some help from two passersby who joined them in the clean up.

Kathy encourages everybody to take up a section of beach which they frequent and clean it up. “You get to enjoy your surrounding a lot better when it is clean while you soak up some sun and take in the natural beauty of our beaches,” concluded Kathy. Kudos to Pampered Paws.

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