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Public asked to Join SPTC Clean-up Campaign

For the past weeks the Town Council has kept busy promoting their latest campaign entitled – “La Isla Bonita es mi casa and I like mi casa clean. Stop Littering!” Numerous work-a-thons, advertising campaigns and other propaganda have been made to instill this message on all island residents.

The latest move included a clean-up of the Boca del Rio River last Sunday and many other activities are scheduled to ensure that we keep our name of “La Isla BONITA.” The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councilors are appealing to everyone in Ambergris Caye to join them in this endeavor.

As advertised last week, the San Pedro Town Council appeals to the general public to refrain from encroaching on the street area or public places (including the beach area). Barbeque pits should be placed within your yards as should be trash bins, sandwich boards, etc.

Cleanup CrewThe public is informed that according to the Town Councils Act, Chapter 26 subsection (1) (a) any person who, not being authorized by a council or by any law: – encroaches on a street or other public right is guilty of an offence and is liable on a summary conviction to a fine. Not complying with this will result in the Council removing the encroachment or obstruction.

The general public is also informed that water ways, soak-a-ways, gutters, etc. should not run unto the street area. According to the Town Councils Act, Chapter 26 Subsection (1) (d) Any person who is not authorized by a Council or by any law: – allows any water, tailings or sludge, and filthy or noisome matter to flow from any building or land in his occupation on to a street or other public right of way; is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine.

The Council also reminds all pier owners/dive shop owners that they should not dispose of their garbage on the sea grass accumulated on the beach. Garbage should be disposed of in proper refuse receptacles.

To all residents of San Pedro, we send this message out to you: Keep garbage bins within property limits. Remember, “LA ISLA BONITA ES MI CASA AND I LIKE MI CASA CLEAN. STOP LITTERING!” We can’t do it without you!

Photo Caption:
The clean up campaign at Boca del Rio took place on Sunday, April 2. It was spearheaded by Deputy Mayor Nano Guerrero who had assistance from the members of Guardians of the Reef, Councilors Nesto Gomez and Severo Guerrero and other participants. The group collected about 3 boat-loads of debris. Residents are urged not to dump garbage in the river.

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