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PUP 7 Present Town Council Manifesto 2006

The People’s United Party (PUP) unveiled its national manifesto for the upcoming municipal elections this Monday, February 6, during simultaneous public presentations that took place in San Pedro, Belize City, Belmopan, Punta Gorda, Corozal, Dangriga, Santa Elena/San Ignacio, Benque, and Orange Walk Town. PUP Mayoral candidate Alberto Nuñez was joined at the Sunbreeze Conference Room by the six other Town Council candidates running for the upcoming municipal elections, which will take place in less than one month, March 1, 2006.

During his introduction to party supporters gathered at the Sunbreeze Hotel, town council candidate Andre Perez stated that his party has the goal to fulfill a very dynamic and caring plan of action for San Pedro. The experience of the PUP candidates, in combination with their education and diversity, provides the town of San Pedro with a great opportunity to sail forward under the leadership of 7 candidates who have their heart set on San Pedro, said Perez.

Mr. Perez was followed by his fellow candidates in the presentation of their Party’s Manifesto for the town of San Pedro. Highlights during the meeting included the following topics mentioned in the PUP agenda:

*The new PUP Town Council will reduce property taxes- they promised to discount 10% on property taxes to all senior citizens 65 years and over. PUP will further reduce 10% on property taxes paid in one lump sum and within one month after the bills are issued.

*PUP will reduce 50% on the current level of registration fees of golf cars that are privately owned and which are not used to generate an income.

*PUP will convert the commercial pier into an aquatic playground. They will build new facilities such as palapas and beach volleyball areas for everyone to enjoy.

*PUP will work hand in hand with all educational institutions of San Pedro and at all levels- from Kindergarten to the Junior College. They will support schools with supplies, books, and scholarships for needy students, and support nutritional programs in all the schools.

*The Ministry of Education and the San Pedro Town Council will put in place a new Counseling Program for the benefit of all schools on the island, under a PUP administration.

*The opportunity to own a parcel of land is a privilege. The PUP 7 plan to work closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources to make lots available to those wishing to build a home on the island.

*The PUP will work hard to establish a House of Culture in San Pedro.

*The PUP will improve drainage in all areas where flooding affects island residents.

*The new PUP Town Council will ensure that a new, more affordable repayment plan for housing in the DFC area is arranged with Central Government.

*The PUP will put in place a modern system of garbage collection and disposal in conjunction with the Solid Waste Management Authority of Central Government.

These, amongst other goals were revealed during the presentation of the PUP 7 Manifesto for San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. “The People’s United Party is the only political party with a proven record for getting things done,” stated Mayoral candidate Alberto Nuñez, a past Mayor of San Pedro. “No other government has built more roads, constructed more houses, trained more teachers and police officers, awarded more housing lots and farm lands, offered more scholarships or opened more schools. This is why our team is proud to be leaders of the PUP. Election Day offers you the chance to start an exciting partnership with us.”

Joining Mr. Alberto Nuñez were PUP 7 candidates Mel Spain, Nai Sabido, Ricardo Molina, Javier Williams, Alex Nuñez, and Andre Perez.

Photo Caption:
PUP Town Council Candidates Alex Nuñez and Andre Perez.

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