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PUP Presents Manifesto

“We are Ready and We will Make Things Happen” was the unified voice of the People’s United Party (PUP) as they launched their Contract with the People (manifesto) for the next three years for San Pedro.

After March 4 and with the support of all the people of San Pedro, the PUP feels and is confident that they bring much good for everyone in San Pedro. PUP chairman and also PUP candidate councilor, expressed that this is not only a PUP manifesto but a People’s Manifesto because these are the concerns and opinions of the people which they garnered in their house to house campaign. It is full not of promises but of achievable things which the people of San Pedro are calling for and which they deserve.

While thousands listened over the Reef Radio and in front of a modest size gathering, the Candidates then proceeded to outline the program of work they will perform when elected on March 4. Teacher Marina Graniel Kay stated that her passion is education and the children of San Pedro so she intends to pay much attention to education and school projects in general. This includes good play grounds and picnic areas on the beach for families and children. Other candidates elaborated their plan of action on cleaner beaches, better sanitation, waste management, organized sports, family, entertainment, social and cultural events.

Of prime importance says the manifesto is Good management of the town’s affairs at town hall and sound financial accounting. The PUP feels that the people deserve to know how their tax dollars are spent and have nothing to hide. If salaries are too high, they will be adjusted, no matter what.

The PUP has confidence that their Manifesto is not simply promises, but a commitment and guarantee that much more and better will come to San Pedro after March 4 when the people of San Pedro give them the chance to “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN” because they are READY, WILLING, AND ABLE.

Party Leader, Honorable Johnny Briceño expressed confidence that this PUP team is honest, trustworthy, and capable of doing a good job which is Service to the People as is the PUP’s motto. “San Pedro needs good leadership,” said Briceño. “Even our country needs good leadership because Dean Barrow is a cold, heartless and uncompassionate man. While our country was in crisis and the people of the north suffering and the cañeros burying a colleague, the Prime Minister Barrow left the country, and was wining and dining and having a party abroad.

But come March 4, the people of Belize will send the first message to this cold man who ordered the expulsion of thousands of cañeros and the shooting death of an innocent man,” concluded Briceño. Snacks and refreshments were served after the reunion.

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