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Saga Jumps for the Love of Animals

“I’ve had the privilege of doing many cool and crazy things in my life but I just topped them all (well… maybe with the exception of moving to Belize.) What a RUSH! If I could afford it I would go again tomorrow.” These are the words of Simon Backley who recently took the great big plunge with the Tsunami Skydivers in the name of Saga Humane Society.

A member of the humane society for animals in San Pedro, Simon ‘sacrificed’ himself to raise funds for the non-profit organization. Saga organized a raffle which entailed bets to see how close Simon would get to a bull’s eye that was marked on the landing site.

Unfortunately a gust of wind stopped Simon from hitting the bull’s eye mark by about 5 feet. Chris Eager from Casa Picasso won the lucky draw and he generously donated the money back to Saga. The total of funds raised was $938.00 which is another step towards Saga’s goal of building a permanent animal shelter/clinic for San Pedro.

Simon took the time to thank those generous people who bought raffle ticket’s and made donations to Saga, in particular Rich Grimm and Tsunami Skydivers for their support and also to Coco Locos for their help. As for his skydiving experience, Simon said, “Once in your life, if you are physically capable you should get your butt in gear and jump out of a perfectly good airplane!”

Photo Caption:
1. Simon Backley, Saga member, steps out of the plane into the clear blue skies over Ambergris Caye.
2. Back on the ground Simon celebrates with is jump mates.

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