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Seniors at Office Practice

This week and next you will notice a whole set of well-dressed up young men and ladies going to the various offices and business establishments. You will not even recognize them as students of San Pedro High in their regular uniforms because they look so professional in their business attire. For two weeks these students will be participating in their yearly office training where they put into practice what they have learned in theory at school.

To San Pedro High this program is extremely important as the employers, managers, etc. can get the opportunity to Ilda Guerreroappraise and appreciate the level of attainment of our young educated workforce in San Pedro. Through their evaluation and report sent to the school, we can get an idea whether we are fulfilling our obligations in educating properly our young people on the island. Therefore, it is a two-way street, but the most important thing is a careful and accurate evaluation of the students. Weaknesses should be pointed out so that our business teachers and others can try to made amends. Strengths should be pointed out as well, so that we know our direction.

Businesses in San Pedro and Caye Caulker should know that San Pedro High School is very thankful to you for your partnership in education. These students should not be paid, but if you find it fitting to show appreciation with some small stipend, or to indicate that at some time you would like to employ a particular person, it would be quite in order. San Pedro High thanks you for opening your doors and if they ever fail, please inform us and kindly accept our apology in advance. We will do all in our power to make amends.

Photo Caption:
1. Letty Lara was assigned to carry out her
office practice at Dr. Lerida Rodriguez’s.
2. While Ilda Guerrero works at Ambergris Hopes Clinc with Dr. Danny & Nurse Natalie.

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