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Seven New Police Officers Assigned to San Pedro

With the interdiction of Assistant Superintendent Patt and other five police officers because of the shocking police brutality case on Ryan Requeña, seven new police officers have been assigned to San Pedro. Inspector Dennis Arnold will now be in charge of the San Pedro Police Department, as well as Caye Caulker Police Department.

Mr. Dennis Arnold was second in charge at the Punta Gorda Police Department and brings along with him 22 years of experience and lots of dedication and commits to work hand in hand with the community of San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

“My plan for the island is to divide it into zones where police officers will be assigned to patrol these specific areas,” commented Mr. Arnold. “Another plan in hand is to bring back the Citizens on Patrol program and to restore the confidence of the people and make the island a safer place.”

“I would like to reassure the people of San Pedro that while I am in charge of the Police Department you will not see another incident of police brutality, since I do not condone such behavior,” stated Mr. Arnold.

Along with Inspector Arnold six other officers were assigned to the Police department and they are; PC 32 D. Broaster, PC 469 J. Gongora, PC 650 J. Tun, WPC Robateau, WPC Ramos and WPC D. Aranda.

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