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Show the Enemy you are More Determined!


The enemy is the enemy and his only job is to beat you or destroy you. You cannot expect the enemy to be on your side, to compliment you or aid and abet you. You cannot complain when he tries to destroy you because that is his job. However, you can beat the enemy, and there is only one way – you have to be more determined than the enemy.

Indeed if you want to beat your enemy, you have to be more determined, more patient & more committed. In religious terms you can beat the devil and his temptations by using a greater power – the power of God. You cannot let down your guard because he will insist and will try to get you in your weakest moment. You need to be determined, concentrate and use your will power. Your will power, if rooted in God’s Word, will allow you to succeed in our goals and mission in life.

In the business world you also have enemies. They will try every means to bring you down. But you have to be more determined to win. You must be more creative and offer your product and service in a more attractive way. You must offer a price that is more competitive than that of your enemy.

You must have better P.R., be friendlier, and do those things that the enemy will not do. You do not have to cheat or harm your enemy. You can succeed without harming your enemy. You just have to be more determined than him to succeed.

In any type of competition you can beat your enemy by remaining positively determined. You must want to win and give it your best shot. Whether it is a game of checkers, chess, a ball game or race, you need to be determined and more focused than your opponent which is the enemy in this case. Some people lose a ball game even before the match starts because they are not determined to win.

Life is all about competition. You need to stay focused and be competitive. You will always have someone wanting to do better than you, even in the classroom where several want to be in the honor roll and take the first honors. However if you are determined you will work harder than the rest to be able to take the first honors.

Needless to say the same is true in politics. It is not always the most qualified person that ends up the winner. It is not always the most honest or the one that has the good intentions at heart. Many times the politician that ends up being elected is the one that was more determined and gave himself wholeheartedly in the campaign.

So our point is proven and hopefully well taken. The next time around if you want to be the winner of take the lead in any transaction, remember that your determination counts. And just in case you do not quite understand “determination”, it is strength of mind, willpower, resolve, purpose, fortitude and grit.

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