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Student Honored by Police

A new program initiated by the Belize Police Department honored 18-year-old San Pedro High School student Earl Sutherland last week Friday for his outstanding participation in academic and community affairs.

The “Do The Right Thing” Youth Program hopes that with the recognition of positive role models, more youths will stay on the right side of the law. “It’s an effort to acknowledge and to big up young people for actions that are examples of good citizenship, examples of productive living, examples of overcoming the challenges that so many young people are faced with,” said Nuri Muhammed, Coordinator, “Do the Right Thing” program.

“They need to get an environment where the society is applauding doing the right thing to counter the amount of exposure to so much negative behavior, both among youths and so-called models in society.” The San Pedro High student body, teachers and Principal Angel Nuñez chose Earl Sutherland to be the recipient of the police award because throughout his four years in school, he has demonstrated to be an exemplary and responsible student, always assisting his classmates with their homework and other duties.

Sutherland, a Fourth Form Student in Academic 4A, also served as captain of the school’s softball team for two years and assisted with the coaching.

“I appreciate the recognition and would like to tell all my fellow students to try their best in their education because in the future it will help them in achieving their goals and aspirations,” Earl Sutherland told Ambergris Today. “I advice them to stay away from peer pressure because it does not help, but only hurt their person. Instead, follow your dreams to what you want to become in life and refrain from hanging out with the wrong crowd.”

Sutherland, the son of Florencio and Jerma Sutherland, is the youngest of four siblings. He expressed his thanks to the Police Department, Principal Angel Nuñez, his classmates, and to his parents “for always being there for me.”

On Wednesday March 15, Commissioner of Police Gerald Westby honored 17-year- old Sasha Hernandez of Canaan Seventh Day Adventist School in the Caribbean Shores area of Belize City. Sasha was recognized for her exemplary performance as student and citizen. Despite losing her mother at a very young age, Sasha overcame all odds to excel both in academics and sports at school while juggling her education with assisting the family at home and performing community service. Sasha taught herself sign language in order to help and communicate with a younger brother who is physically impaired. Sasha also spends time visiting institutions like the hospitals, Sister Cecelia Home, and the Dorothy Menzies Children’s Home, where she assists by talking with the elderly, combing the children’s hair, sharing stories and praying with them.

“I am an all around person like my mother said,” said Sasha Hernandez. “I like to do things; I like to meet new people and all of that. So it’s just me, it’s just something, I don’t really know what it is, but it’s just something about me.”

Commissioner Westby extended heartfelt gratitude to the many business people who have come forth and offered assistance for the newly instituted “Do the Right Thing Program.” Every effort will be made to publicize the candidates selected and the assistance render by anyone to the very noble cause. The program continues with young people from across the nation and congratulations are in order for all these young people who continue to “do the right thing.”

All recipients receive certificates and t-shirts. Eventually, one of the winners will be selected to go on a cruise vacation along with a parent. The program is a countrywide initiative. Reference – News5

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Earl Sutherland

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