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The Butterfly Jungle

Imagine strolling through a lush jungle filled with brilliant Belizean butterflies and exotic flowers! Well you need not imagine anymore; now you can do that without traveling to the jungles of Belize. The Butterfly Jungle raises butterflies found in the jungle of Belize right here on Ambergris Caye.

Tom Thomas and Valley Ruddick have created a butterfly garden where they raise butterflies where you can see every stage of their transformation from miniscule egg through lowly caterpillar to the miraculous jeweled butterfly. Located at Rendezvous Estates, just 4.5 miles North of San Pedro Town, the Butterfly Jungle allows visitors to walk amongst hundreds of butterflies inside a greenhouse that is filled with lush jungle plants and exotic flowers which attract butterflies.

RaquelAll the butterflies in the Butterfly Jungle are native Belizeans. Currently, the Butterfly Jungle has between 15 and 25 species at any one time flying in the 18’x36′ flight room, depending on the time of year. All are distinctive and beautiful in their own way, and most exhibit strange behaviors unique to their family. There are approximately 17,000 species of butterflies worldwide, and over 800 species in Belize.

More than just an attraction, the Butterfly Jungle is also an educational experience where children (and adults) can learn about the role of butterflies in Belize’s rich ecosystem. You can learn about the unique lifecycle of the butterflies, learn about the environmental issues which threaten the life of these amazing creatures and learn how to create a garden that will attract these butterflies to your home and yard.

Butterfly Release

The Butterfly Jungle offers a variety of butterflies for sale which can be used for a spectacular ‘release ceremony’ at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, quinceaños, memorial, or other special events. You can watch your dreams take flight as you make your special day even more unforgettable with the release of live Belizean butterflies.

ButterfliesAccording to an old Indian legend, if you whisper your wish to a butterfly and then release it, the Great Spirit, in gratitude for freeing the butterfly, will always grant your wish. Tom also mentioned that half the proceeds of sales of their live pupae will go towards building butterfly/caterpillar habitats in San Pedro’s local schools and providing educational materials so children can experience the magic of metamorphosis, be inspired with love and curiosity about our unique habitat here in San Pedro and gain a greater appreciation of Science & Nature.

To learn more about San Pedro’s newest attraction you can contact the Butterfly Jungle at 226-2911 or visit their website at:

Photo Caption:
1. Tom Thomas and Valley Ruddick run the Buttefly Jungle just north of town.
2. Raquel Badillo holds a delicate butterly.
3. Two of the many varieties of butterflies at the Butterfly Jungle.

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