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Tourism Boom

Belize’s largest airline, Tropic Air, announced a record year in passenger travel and cargo sales for the year 2005. And even 2006 has gotten off to a great start as flight records have been broken and surpassed in air travel for the company.

In a statement given to Tropic Air employees, Tropic’s CEO Steve Schulte credited the increase to the hard work and efforts of the airline’s employees to build the customer base and maintain customer loyalty.

“We have an outstanding team of 203 employees throughout our entire system,” said Steve Schulte. “These people deserve the credit for the success of Tropic. Because of their efforts, Tropic’s Board of Directors has approved a Profit Sharing Bonus to be distributed on April, 18.”

Tropic Air is the country’s largest airline, which started operations in 1979 and provides scheduled flight services to 9 destinations in Belize and Guatemala, with over 120 flights per day.

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