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Tourist Dies at Sea during Scuba Diving Trip!

A California tourist who went on a scuba diving excursion last week Thursday died before she could be given medical treatment in San Pedro. 68-year-old Janice Redman suffered the fatal mishap while she was scuba diving near the Hol Chan area with a tour company from Caye Caulker.

According to the police report, Redman was diving on Thursday morning, February 9, with a group of 9 or 10 tourists accompanied by three guides from the Caye Caulker Belize Dive Services. The dive excursion went to Hol Chan, and at a depth of 70 feet, Redman started experiencing respiratory problems. Reports say that by the time she surfaced, she was already in respiratory distress.

Redman was rushed to San Pedro to the Amigos del Mar dock, but died before reaching the island. Doctor Daniel Gonzalez pronounced her dead on arrival at the dock. Janice Redman was on vacation in Belize with her daughter.

Photo Caption:
Dr. Daniel Gonzalez tends to the drowned victim.

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