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Manhunt Continues for Maria Plaza Gomez' Murder Case

The manhunt continues for the murderer of Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez as last night’s apprehension of a murder suspect turned out to be a bust. The man who was detained in Caye Caulker and brought to San Pedro late last night for questioning was able to provide to the San Pedro Police Department enough evidence that he is a new visitor to Belize.

The Caucasian man, of short stature, husky body, long sandy blonde hair was apprehended in Caye Caulker on Friday, November 5 and was brought to San Pedro around 6:30pm on board the last Caye Caulker Water Taxi shuttle to the island. According to Police, the man was very cooperative and shortly after his detainment he was released and transported back to the island of Caye Caulker. The Police Department continues its intensive search for more evidence for the possible identification of Gomez’s murderer.

Police Look for Maria’s Missing Items
The San Pedro Police Department has released information about two items that have been reported missing, belonging to the late Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez. These items include a silver Panasonic LUMIX HD Digital Camera and a Nokia N96 Cell Phone (pictured below).

The San Pedro Police Department is now seeking assistance from the public in the recovery or identification of the missing items or identifying individuals in possession of them. Information given to the Police Department will be kept confidential and used cautiously. Any assistance rendered to the Police Department will be greatly appreciated and an asset to the department to solve this heinous crime. Contact the San Pedro Police Department at 226-2022, 922 or 1-800-922-TIPS.

Official Post Mortem Report
Dr. Mario Estradaban’s post mortem examination report on the body of Spanish National Maria Antonia Gomez Plaza indicates that the cause of death is due to strangulation. Two persons are detained and third person is being sought who can help the Police solve this recent murder. Paza’s partially nude body showed signs of violence and a belt was found around her neck, believed to be the instrument used to strangulate her.

Family members of the murdered Spanish flight attendant, 37-year-old Maria Antonia Plaza Gomez, will be transporting her body back home. But the police are still conducting an intense investigation to capture her murderer and bring that person to justice. Plaza was last seen in the company of a stocky man on Coconut Drive, less than half a mile from Corona del Mar hotel where she was staying.

Sgt. Fitzroy Yearwood, Belize Police Press Officer had this to say to Marion Ali of News 5 in Belize City: “Well the person we are looking for is of Caucasian decent. The persons that we have detained, at some point during her stay on the island, they were seen either communicating with her or in actually moving around with her on the island with at least one of the two persons that we have detained. What we’re asking is that if members of the community know this person that we are looking for, if they can come forward and just assist us, even if it’s just for identification purpose—just for us to know who we are actually looking for that would help and go a long way. People who actually saw this woman on the island and made this photo available, they would remember who they saw her with and we are asking them to come forward so as not to prejudice the case for identification purposes.”
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