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Helmets Mandatory for Motorcycle Drivers

The San Pedro Transport Department made a public announcement on November 4, 2010 advising all motorists that it is now mandatory to present a helmet when licensing their motorcycle. Failure to comply with the prerequisite will result in refusal to inspect and license the motorcycle.

Mr. Chris Nuñez, Chairman of the San Pedro Transport Department, stated that they have been noticing that there have been many accidents involving motor cycles and motorists end up getting hurt. Hence they found the need of enforcing the already existing law.

“By law, any person owning a motor cycle should present a helmet when licensing their motorcycle and use it,” commented Nuñez. “We noticed that many who came to license their motorcycles or renew their licenses presented their helmets and never use them on the road. Most of them do not own a helmet and borrow one just for licensing purposes.”

Motorists will be asked to not only present their helmets when licensing their motorcycles but also to show the receipt of purchase of the helmet. All motorists will be given a grace period from now till the end of November of this year then after tickets will be issued to motorists breaking this law.
Traffic Department

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