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Belize Zoo to Reopen December 1st

Although it is not back to its original state like it was before Hurricane Richard struck Belize, The Belize Zoo has announced that it will reopen its doors to the public on December 1, 2010 at 1:00p.m. After being heavily damages by the wrath of Hurricane Richard, much work has been done with the cleanup efforts to restore the Belize Zoo to its original state.

“We are still very much in need-to-repair mode,” commented Sharon Matola, founding manager of the Belize Zoo. “If you are a zoo fan, please go to our website, there is a donation button, any amount, really ANY amount would help us out a great deal.”

Make Donations Here (Belize Zoo Website)

One animal lover and Belize Zoo aficionado, Tanya Mejia and friends Susan Vasquez and Carlos Vasquez, traveled to the Belize Zoo on Monday, November 22, where they delivered a few donations that she could gather from San Pedro, but mostly visited the zoo to volunteer their time in the cleanup efforts. Tanya shared her pictures of her trip with Ambergris Today. She is scheduling another trip to the Belize Zoo sometime next week. If you would like to assist, contact her at 627-8829 or email:

Urgent Need for Donations
Hurricane Richard leveled most of the vegetation at The Belize Zoo, downed trees choking pathways among the animal exhibits, flattening wooden decks, platforms, and crushing steel fencing surrounding the animal exhibits. The plumbing system providing water and drainage for the exhibits and the electric fences were damaged. In normal times the Zoo struggles to balance its budget with the food for the animals and staff salaries literally depending on gate receipts. But right now, the added expense of repairs, combined with the closing of the Zoo, the financial challenge at The Belize Zoo has never been greater. The greatest needs are truckloads of strong and durable fencing, cement, gravel and large rocks, PVC piping, steel pipe, lumber, wire, nails, and paint, as well as new tools, new water pumps and money to pay workers. People can help by going to to donate.

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