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BTIA's Destination Belize has BEST Content on Belize – says BTB's Report

On Thursday, November 18, the Belize Tourism Board held a meeting to review the findings of the Print Collateral Audit Report, and Belize Tourism Industry Association representatives were among those in attendance.  BVK (BTB’s marketing firm in Wisconsin) thoroughly analyzed ten print collateral pieces produced by the BTB, BHA and BTIA and the key findings and conclusions are detailed in this report.

The report finds that the Destination Belize “content is unmatched by the other 9 pieces analyzed” and calls it the “Content King”.

“The Destination Belize guide fills the role of being an information resource and facilitating awareness of Belize as a destination very well.  Out of all of the Belize collateral reviewed for the purposes of this audit (BTB, BHA, BTIA) this guide is the most comprehensive and best serves as a one-stop-shop for information about Belize.”

The report calls it “inviting, literary, imaginative, descriptive, enticing, warm, friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, detailed and most effective at telling a compelling and interesting story about Belize.  The imaginative language and brief vignettes used in the Destination Belize piece helps the reader imagine the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Belize.”

With reference to Family Vacationers the report states that “Some pieces merely mention that Belize has activities for adults and children alike without supporting that statement.  Others make no mention of Belize being a family-friendly destination at all.  Destination Belize is the only one to give this audience more than lip-service.”

In summary, the report finds that “there is one clear winner that excels in delivering thorough information across all four category imperatives”, and “if there was to be only one resource for learning about Belize, we would recommend the Destination Belize magazine”.

Also notable is the finding that “BHA’s Hotel Guide does exceptionally well at speaking to their intended audience of trade and industry professionals.”  BTIA is proud of the fact that these two pieces complement each other, and therefore together address the needs of both travel consumers and travel trade.

Plans for the next edition of Destination Belize are already underway with a new publisher.  BTIA is enthusiastic about the next installment, with a new integrated marketing approach that will expand the reach and overall success of the project.

If you would like to receive an email copy of the full Print Collateral Audit Report (8 MB), please contact your destination or sector representative or email us at  For your copies of the Destination Belize 2010-11, please contact your destination or sector representative or call the BTIA office at 227-1144.

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