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SPHS Honors Top Students in CXC

San Pedro High is, without a doubt, a very good educational institution, but to say it is not enough. This statement needs to be verified and backed up with facts. At this point, we will be bold to say that the high caliber of an educational institution is not measured by the degrees that the teachers possess, but rather by the quality of students that are produced.

At a recent high school function to honor its founders, one of the teachers acting as emcee had this to say: “The northern regional champs, we’ve got that title. The basketball champions, we are the school with the belt and we are defending it like lions. The Food and Nutrition Competition, we’ve got that crown…and not only as National Champions but Champions in the entire Caribbean. The Math Olympiad we have taken that championship too (go and admire that trophy in our office). Now as for CXC examinations we pass those too.”

We followed this statement and found out that San Pedro High School commenced with only three or four CXC subjects but now students are being signed up and are successful in as many as eight subjects per sitting. And they are not only passing a large number of subjects, but passing them with A grades or Grade One.

Recently at the National CXC Award Ceremony held in Belize City students received Certificate of Excellence for six or more passes in General or Technical subjects grades I-II, including English A and Mathematics. Students Raquel Badillo, Ernesto Angel Gomez and Jing Han were honored.

Furthermore, an additional 13 more students obtained a Certificate of Achievement for six or more passes in General or Technical Subjects grades I-III, including English A and Mathematics. Students Hermojenes Acosta, Lacey Dominique Galvez, Jose Gomez, Jackie Gonzalez, Florangely Graniel, Hazel Gutierrez, Berenice Heredia, Kadizha Kathleen Jones, Gaby Ingrid Miranda, Allison Nunez, Guadalupe Salgado, Natasha Stuart And Carissa Turton received that award.

Invitations are being extended for all the graduates of San Pedro High mentioned above to attend a special assembly on Friday, December 17 at 9:00 am at the R. Angel Nuñez auditorium where they will be honored.

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