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Sea Trek & Snuba Discover the Adventure

Discovery Expeditions invited Ambergris Today to experience two of their most outstanding underwater adventures available in San Pedro, Sea Trek and Snuba. On Thursday, December 16, 2010, Delsie and I of the Ambergris Today arrived at the Discovery Expeditions office where they were greeted by the amazing staff, while observing their brand new look. Then setting off to a short boat ride to Mexico Rocks where the Sea Symphony was awaiting us. On board a very informative introduction was given to us by marketing director, Jan Ahlman and Tour Guide, Juan Coc (experienced dive master trained in Mexico).

Soon after it was time to immerse ourselves in the aquatic adventure. As we were geared up with our helmets, we started stepping down slowly a ladder until we were 10ft underwater. While underwater, it felt like we were in a zero-gravity environment. We started walking and sightseeing in the underwater environment – amazing view of fish, corals and much more, all while breathing comfortably.

Sea Trek is a great new adventure for persons eight years and older; most importantly it’s a great new adventure for non swimmers to take their first brave step into the underwater world without any hesitation. Also, as stated on their website, you can: “Experience the thrill of exploring the ocean and all its wonders, without giving up precious vacation time for specialized training”.

Next up was Snuba! (A combination of snorkeling and scuba) Snuba is an exciting and very adventurous experience, especially for those people who like to roam free underwater. Gearing up with a snorkeling mask, weight belt, fins and a diving regulator we were ready to swim freely and wander in the beautiful underwater world – an almost magical experience.  

There is no need to know all the tech stuff of the scuba gear; our regulators are connected to the air tanks floating above us, following our every move. Below you are getting an amazing experience and unlimited views of underwater life with direction from a professional guide. Scuba diving is awesome but with Snuba you get the first step experience to scuba diving without being certified.

In conclusion, the experience of Sea Trek & Snuba is amazing and unforgettable and definitely should be on everybody’s list for vacation fun. Make sure you visit at Discovery Expeditions office located on the pier across from Exotic Caye Resort or call 226-2882 or email: or check them out on

– by Gerry Badillo

Sea Trek CrewDelsie & Gerry Sea TrekSea TrekGerry enjoying Sea TrekSea Trek view from aboveDelsie & Gerry enjoying Sea TrekSea TrekSea Trek & SnubaRaquel & Delsie Ready for SnubaDelsie gearing up for SnubaGerry getting geared up for SnubaGerry ready for SnubaGerry & Delsie geared up for SnubaDelsie & Raquel enjoying SnubaGerry enjoying SnubaSafety Ladder for Sea Trek & SnubaSnuba is Awesome!

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