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Top 8 Traveling Trends for 2011

Hotel and Resort Insider (HRI) recently published a list of the top eight trends for travelers in 2011. We can take into account these trends and work with them to better our services and properly market our services in San Pedro/Belize. Take a look at the top travel/tourism trends for this year and let’s work in making our tourism product attractive to the entire world.

Top 8 Traveling Trends for 2011
It’s that time of the year where once again the upcoming traveling trends in the following year are assayed. These predictions are here to help you prepare about developments in the world of traveling.

Airfare: People opting to fly have to shell out more as airfare. Travelers should be prepared for more fuel surcharges as well as it is expected that oil will hit $100 per barrel compared to $89 per barrel currently. Fares are expected to rise between cities which has only a couple of custom carriers in operations. 

Travel Deals: Prices are expected to sway significantly between peak season and off season traveling. For those who are can gear up traveling during the off – seasons are sure to land up with some of the best bargain deals but those who can afford to holiday only during the peak seasons must be prepared to shell out a fortune.  

Hotel Rates: With more upcoming mid-tier hotels, the room rates are bound to remain the same and even if they increase, it will happen marginally.

Free Wi-Fi:  The travelers nowadays can’t afford to side kick their online life even when they are on vacations. The hotels therefore want to keep up with their ever demanding guests by providing high bandwidth WI-FI services to guest rooms.

Longer Stays: Hotel chains are working on their loyalty program promotion which is supposed to increase the duration of the stay of their guest.

Driving Vs. Flying: With rising security threats, airports have bucked up their security measures and this has been less of a help but more of a pester factor for the travelers who have to wait in long queues for multiple security checks. Therefore many are opting to hit the roads instead of flying.

Mobile Devices:  With the tech savvy community cropping up, business phones used by travelers are expected to bring in a new era of technological advancement – soon they can be used instead of credit cards to make payments and can open hotel room doors. The phones can be used for making travel reservations as well.

Meetings & Conventions: Business traveling to attend more meetings and convections are expected to rise since many companies have already curtailed unnecessary traveling. This has pepped up their employees to seek more chance to get out of office and built more relationships with their customers and colleagues.

These trends are to shape the touring and traveling industry in the upcoming year. Let’s take advantage of them. (from Hotel & Resort Insider)

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