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Stolen airplane and helicopters changing registration numbers at Intl Airport

There are several reports of suspicious if not illegal activity occurring at the Philip Goldson International Airport. Only a week ago, two Mexican choppers landed at the airport, and on the apron the brazen pilots were attempting to change the registration number.

Apparently the authorities were informed and the pilots actually requested that relevant authorities witness the change of the registration numbers. The excuse given was that it would make it easier for the helicopters to be taken back and sold in Mexico. The helicopters were grounded for a short and have already left the country.

But there is another incident that has occurred over the weekend that seriously questions the security measures at the country’s only international airport. An aircraft of Mexican origin, a Beechcraft 65 with registration XBLRP, landed at the airport over a month ago. The last flight record showed it came directly from Jamaica. It is alleged that the plane was confiscated at the airport and grounded at the hangar.  

As it turns out, two Mexican pilots appeared at the airport over the weekend and asked to take the plane for a test flight. It is alleged that with permission from his superior, an air worthiness inspector by the name of Ismael Pererra gave the Mexicans the go-ahead to take the plane for a spin. The takeoff at six thirty a.m. was smooth, and eventually the plane disappeared off the radar. The pilots never returned with the craft and it is believed to have been stolen. Strangely enough, the incidents of the helicopters and this Beechcraft 65 have not made it onto any police reports.

(Picture and article from News 5)

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