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Shawn Brady Hears the Belikin Whisper

The moment I heard a preview of the song “Belikin Whisper”, I had to download a copy of it from iTunes. Canadian singer/songwriter Shawn Brady pays tribute to Belize’s famous Belikin Beer and captures his best memories of Belize in this great song.

Shawn wrote the song “Belikin Whisper” in December of 2010 during one of his trips to Placencia, Belize. He sent a demo of it to a producer in Halifax, Nova Scotia by the name of Cory Tetford, a very talented musician who put it all together for Shawn. He just officially released the song on iTunes on January 31, 2011.

“I wanted to write a song that captured a laid back, fun, party vibe of Belize,” commented Shawn to Ambergris Today. “I have been to Placencia, Belize twice, and both times had such a fabulous time.”

Shawn says that it is the friendliness and character of the people that he likes most of Belize. “I have met so many wonderful people in the Placencia community. Also, it is Paradise and not run over by thousands of tourists. I must mention that in addition to the great taste of Belikin, I also love Marie Sharp’s and Grill N’ Go Hot Sauce! My girlfriend and I go through a bottle a week.
Maybe I should write a song about Belizean hot sauces! Haha!”

Shawn was introduced to Placencia through two wonderful friends of his, Jodie and Erin, who own the Secret Garden Restaurant.

“Belikin Whisper is a song that captures some of my favorite memories of Placencia Belize,” he continued. “Partying with friends until the wee hours and then getting up early and doing it all again! This process always involves several Belikins!”

Shawn’s next trip to Belize is scheduled for next week when he will perform for his 3rd Annual Unplugged Tour in Placencia, which includes the Placencia Sidewalk Festival on February 12 and 13. He will perform three shows for fun which include: Feb 8 – Rumfish y Vino; Feb 10 – Barefoot Bar; Feb 11 – Secret Garden Restaurant; Feb 12 – Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival; Feb 17 – Barefoot Bar.

So far Belikin Whisper is Shawn’s only song about Belize but he says there is always the possibility for another song about Belize. “It is my 3rd time to Belize and I am really looking forward to it!” he stated. “On my next trip down, I plan to do some more writing, so it is very likely that more songs with Belize references may come out.”

There is still no album for Shawn Brady but one is on the works, scheduled for release sometime in June of 2011. Based in Toronto Canada, Shawn Brady has been performing internationally for over eight years, including stops in Bermuda, Japan, Austria, Trinidad, Italy, Belize, Malta, Dominican Republic and across Canada and the United States (coast to coast, from Halifax to Vancouver and New York City to San Francisco).

Brady has been described by concert reviewers worldwide as having “infectious energy”, “soaring vocals”, “precise and passionate delivery” and a “knack for truly connecting with the audience”. Although he is best known for performing as ‘Bono’ in the world’s most successful U2 tribute band, Elevation, Brady also performs solo acoustic shows and is the vocalist of the high powered rock n’ roll cover band, EyePod Shuffle.

His one-man acoustic show encompasses the entire History of Rock from the 1960’s to the present day, from The Beatles to Coldplay and from The Clash to Green Day, and all points in between.

As for “Belikin Whisper”, it’s a great song that truly captures the essence of Belize and its laidback lifestyle. The song is available for preview/download on iTunes (Click Here). For more of Shawn Brady visit his website

Shawn BradyShawn BradyShawn BradyShawn BradyShawn Brady

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