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BTB Board of Directors Shake up!

It has come to our attention that there has been a shakeup in the Tourism Industry as two board of directors have been fired by the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. Several Belize City media have reported that the two members fired were Santino Castillo and Stanley Longsworth Jr.

Both Castillo and Longsworth received their letter of dismissal on Wednesday, February 9, which thanked them for their service and advised that as of Tuesday, February 15, their term will expire with the board.

In an update from Belize City media Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. made it clear that Mr. Longsworth resigned and that Mr. Castillo was released from his job. So why was Castillo removed? Well according to 7 News this is what Hon. Heredia had to say:

“Well for him I feel that I have someone else that I am thinking of appointing and I feel that Mr. Santino has served well but I feel that there are a lot of Belizeans that have expertise and want to share with us also,” commented Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism. “It’s not because of any nonperformance. I feel that under the act it makes provision that you are appointed for a certain time and after that time in the interest of the industry, If I feel that there is someone that can bring new ideas or different ideas then my aim is to have the best at BTB and hence it’s not a political fallout.”

The Prime Minister told 7 News that he has spoken with Santino Castillo and heard his grievances. But he told us that unless there is some legal case to be made impugning the minister’s decision he has no intention to interfere with the minister and must assume that he had a good reason for doing so.

The Prime Minister also confirmed to 7 News that he had spoken to Minister Herredia and is satisfied that Santino’s term was up on February 15, and in that case, he has no complaint at all with Herredia’s decision.  (News source 7 News)

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