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Communications Temporarily Down in San Pedro

No cellular phone service, no land line service and no internet!!!! What is happening?? People were speculating if all of this had to do with the giant solar flare that occurred on Monday and the solar radiation hitting our plant these past few days. Solar flares hitting planet Earth are known to have an effect on satellites, power grids and communications networks. Services are back for both companies, but what caused the problem?

We learned that after a small power outage on Thursday, February 17, cellular phone service, land line and internet was cut off for a very brief moment. And today Friday, February 18, shortly after 9:00 a.m. cellular service for both Smart and Digicell were down including BTL land lines and internet for most of the morning.

Ambergris Today contacted both Smart and BTL offices in San Pedro to find out what was going on. Smart representatives informed us that connection was lost because of power failure from their supplier.

As for BTL, we were told that due to the power outage on Thursday, a temporary fix was put on the system and technicians worked on getting the backup system working today, Friday, hence causing services to be down during repairs.

BTL assures the public that they do not anticipate any more problems with service again. And Both BTL and Smart apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

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