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Island Residents Welcome the VIP Unity Alliance Idea

Vision Inspired by the People
– Press Release, Sunday, February, 13, 2011 – Members of the executive of Vision Inspired by the People visited San Pedro, Ambergris Caye on Thursday and Friday to meet with residents of La Isla Bonita. The group was led by Party Chairman Bobby Lopez and included Deputy Chair Jennifer Arzu, Treasurer Kamil Espat, Past Chairman Paul Morgan and past deputy chairman Patrick Rogers.

On Thursday night, the VIP met with a cross section of San Pedro residents to introduce its Unity Alliance (UA) initiative, a bold attempt to organize a non-partisan slate to contest the Municipal Elections in 2012.  The San Pedro residents were very receptive to the VIP Unity Alliance idea and reminded the gathering that in 1984, an Independent group organized themselves under the name of SPUM (San Pedro United Movement) and were victorious in the first town board elections of San Pedro. The UDP government (84-89) was very hostile to SPUM and did not support the Town Board. Never the less, San Pedro residents are ready to take control of their island again.

On Friday morning the VIP group was graciously hosted on Reef Radio and TV morning show, “Buenos Diaz San Pedro”. VIP is confident that the San Pedro Unity Alliance Slate will be victorious in 2012. VIP is organizing similar meetings in all municipalities, including Belmopan and Belize City.

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