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Skydivers Donate to Alliance Against AIDS

The Tsunami Skydivers are gone and another Boogie in Belize skydiving event has culminated. Besides highlighting the skydiving, another great aspect of Boogie in Belize is all the fundraising and donations made by the group towards charitable and noble organizations on the island.

We highlighted the generous donation of this year made towards the San Pedro Town Library and Be Kind Belize a couple weeks ago. But before Rich Grimm and his skydivers said goodbye, they had one more donation to make.

Through the efforts of Mr. Rosalie Staines of the Oapn Paki Talk Show and Rich Grimm of Tsunami Skydivers, Boogie in Belize was able to donate $600US to Belize’s Alliance Against AIDS (AAA).

“Last year, at the Boogie VI, I approached Rich to ask him to please include AAA as one his donation initiatives during the Boogie,” stated Rosalie to Ambergris Today. “Rodel Beltran Perera came to the welcome dinner and spoke on behalf of AAA.  This year, Rich & Boogie VII auctioned off skydiving parachute equipment to the skydivers who were in Belize and raised $600US through the efforts of Rich Grimm.”

This donation was presented to Mrs. Rosalie Staines during the filming of her Oapn Paki Talk Show in San Pedro and was delivered to Rodel Beltram Perera, Executive Director of
Alliance Against AIDS.

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