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Belize Emerging as Top Honeymoon Destination

Belize Emerging as Top Honeymoon Destination – The popular Brides Magazine from Conde Nast has revealed that Belize has become the world’s fastest-growing honeymoon destination.

The magazine, which has a readership of over 6.5 million, surveyed more than 60,000 travel agents to find the most popular honeymoon resorts around the world. The Central American destination was revealed to be the fastest growing option for newlyweds, thanks largely to the efforts of the country’s tourism board and their ‘Belize in Love’ campaign.

The campaign, which has been running for almost two years, was created by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) to promote the country as a great option for an unspoilt romantic holiday. “Promoting our romantic getaways has been one of our top marketing priorities for the last two years, so we’re pleased that our country has received such a distinguished recognition,” said Seleni Matus, director of tourism at BTB.

“This nomination is truly a testament to the success of our Belize in Love campaign and hard work and support from our private sector partners, who go above and beyond to ensure couples have the romantic escape that they’ve always dreamt of,” added Ms Matus.

BTB describe the country as one of the world’s “last unspoilt places”, and cite it as a great way of experiencing the best the Caribbean has to offer. Belize boasts spectacular tropical beaches, as well as the second largest barrier reef in the world, perfect for diving enthusiasts. Beautiful forests and jungle areas complete the picture, making Belize an unusual and popular option for newlyweds or holidaymakers seeking a new adventure.

Direct flights to the country are only available from the US, but cheap flights to Belize from the UK are available via connections from both Continental and American Airlines.

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