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Belize Telemedia Launches 2011 Directory

“Junior Buddy” – Jaguar Snags Phone Book Cover

On Friday, April 1, Belize Telemedia Limited unveiled its 2011 Telephone Directory. Customers will be pleased to note that the Company continues to enhance the directory by making it more user- friendly, attractive, and informative.

Telemedia is proud to feature Junior Buddy, a beloved member at The Belize Zoo, on the 2011 Directory Cover. This Jaguar’s story shares with us many important lessons about conserving wildlife and our jungles. He also reminds us of the amazing job our very own zoo is doing to educate Belizeans and visitors alike of the precious animals that make Belize their home.

The launch of the directory took place at the Belize Zoo and Public Relations Manager Dionne Miranda explained more about the directory. “We are not only here to provide communication services, but we’re here to give back to our community, and we’re here to ensure that we enrich the lives of our customers,” stated Dionne Miranda. “And the Belize Zoo is one that will teach them about eco-tourism, about ways to protect our natural diversity, but at the same time showing how everything works together. That’s how we need to as Belizeans.”

According to the directory officer, Mariano Williams, the biggest change that was made in the directory was to the government listings, making it a bit more user-friendly and incorporating the different departments. On the cover page along with Junior Buddy, four tabs are available with little detail of what is inside the book. The cover picture of Junior Buddy was photographed by Telemedia’s very own Senior Graphic Representative, Stephen Yarwood.

Other sections that compliment the directory include the time zone map, hurricane page, kiddie’s page and a special tourism section, which this year’s publication is “All About Belize” pages which provides readers with highlights and insight into some of our country’s known attractions.
Belize Telemedia Limited prints over 70,000 copies of the directory and is given to all customers in the country and also distributed worldwide.

For the convenience and satisfaction of customers, aside from the full-size directory, a mini directory has been printed for DigiCell Premier Customers. The Telephone Directory will also be available online via Telemedia’s e-Directory at and Customers can obtain a copy from any Telemedia Customer Service Center.
Belize Telemedia Launches 2011 DirectoryBelize Telemedia Launches 2011 DirectoryBelize Telemedia Launches 2011 Directory

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