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Brandi Mermaid, The First Real Mermaid of Belize

The First “Real Mermaid” Has Hit The Shores Of San Pedro
Brandi Paige will be debuting this week as the first “real” mermaid entertainer to make a splash in Belize! This is a relatively new form of entertainment that has only recently been gaining popularity around the world. Brandi Paige has had the dream of becoming a mermaid since she was a child and after living in Belize for two years decided this would be the perfect place to make her dream a reality.

Brandi Paige has a realistic mermaid tail costume, exactly like the one in the movie “Splash.” She has been training extensively for two years practicing breath hold, yoga, and free diving with a monofin. She has extensive practice with underwater modeling, which is an art form in itself.  

What is a mermaid entertainer you ask? The sky and your imagination is the limit! These are some of the many services Brandi will be offering all over the Caribbean as a mermaid:

– Underwater Photography/Modeling
– Mermaid Nyotaimori catering
– Underwater Marriage Proposals
– Films/Documentaries/ Commercials
– Event Promotions
– Advertising
– Acting
– Singing/Playing guitar (can provide music for events as well)
– Entertainment at Pool Parties/ Hotels/ Resorts
– Adult Parties
– Kid Parties
– Writing Music
– Scenery for snorkeling/scuba trips
– Special Events
– Fundraisers/ Charity Events

Brandi is very excited to begin to use her artistic ability in aiding the community to bring awareness to save our oceans and reefs in Belize. She has plans to release numerous underwater videos of her adventures swimming in Belize’s oceans as well as a picture book.

So, keep an eye out for Brandi the Mermaid around the island and in the sea.  She is living proof that dreams can become a reality!

Brandi Paige – Mermaid Model/Performer
YouTube Page

Brandi MermaidBrandi MermaidBrandi Mermaid

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