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SPHS Seniors Head to Work (Office Practice)

– by Chandel Rodriguez, Intern

Once again the San Pedro High School senior students take in the responsibility of working in their own assigned office and working areas to experience what all it takes to have a job. For the commercial students this entails familiarizing themselves within an office, its personnel and all the office procedures. For the academic students this means learning the different types of medicine and various types of procedures related to good health.

These students were sent to work their tails off for three weeks and during these three weeks they also had a task of doing some after-work at school. It might be a little challenging, but at the end of the day it is rewarding. At the end of their work experience, the students are given a grade which comprises part of their final average at the end of the year. I am sure that this will be an unforgettable experience for all students as they learn and obtain the ability to take their knowledge to a next level in being a successful individual in the future.

I am pleased to say that I had the honor to interview some of these students who were on office practice this year. For the first time, I had the privilege to conduct my interview via video camera as an intern at Ambergris Today. Most definitely, this was one of my many impressive tasks that I experienced for my office practice.

My adventure with the Ambergris Today was indeed an unforgettable one. The whole staff was very amiable and everyone treated me like their very own colleague. I have been doing a little bit of everything, reporting, advertising, accounting, writing articles and graphic designing.

Now let us see what these other seniors say about their experience in their individual assigned working area as for this year’s office practice:

Gabriela Nuñez
– Ms. Nuñez from the class of 4A worked at Train Station. She mentioned that working at the gym needs requires a lot of training and that she gets to learn many healthy practices that one can do to keep their bodies healthy and of course to make them feel rejuvenated. She certainly did enjoy working along with her colleagues at Train Station.

Janelle Alvarez – Ms. Alvarez from the class of 4G worked at Ramon’s Village in the accounts department. She stated that overall it was a great learning experience, different from being in a class but also great; and that the practical work is somewhat hectic but fun. Janelle indeed enjoyed working in an office.

Armando Rivero – Mr. Rivero from the class of 4C worked at Grand Belizean Estate. He mentioned that he learned that working in an office is totally different from being in a class; you should not be making any noise and you should be very professional. Mr. Rivero stated that he did enjoy his office practice and that is was very stressful but fun.

Irvin Pou – Mr. Pou from the class of 4A worked at the Saga Humane Society. When I arrived at Saga, Irvin was assisting the veterinarian with the spaying of a female dog. Too much for me, but he was having a great time, it was right up his alley. Irvin told me that the best part of his job was working with the animals, learning their likes and dislikes and most of all learning the different types of medicines given to animals. Being an academic student, this was a very good learning experience for him.

Jessica Garcia
– Ms. Garcia form the class of 4C worked at the Belize Tourism Board. She expressed that working in the office of the Belize Tourism Board is a lot of fun. She got to learn how to file, answer a telephone and other things that has to deal with office procedures. She said that she was always busy, but enjoyed working there.

Nereidy Gonzalez – Ms. Gonzalez from the class of 4A worked at the San Pedro Polic Clinic. She stated that her working experience was a very enjoyable one because she gets to work with the nurse, pharmacy and front desk.

Mishelby Leiva – Ms. Leiva from the class of 4C worked at Tropic Air. She mentioned that she learned how to dispatch clients to their flights, check people to their flight schedule and also learned about the manifests in the business part of the job.

Ramses Ramirez and Roberto Torriz – Mr. Ramirez and Mr. Torriz are both from the class of 4A they worked together at Ramon’s Village in the Diving Center. Mr. Ramirez explained that he is now a certified diver whilst Mr. Torriz is in process of getting his license. They stated that working at the diving center is very fun because they have the opportunity to explore the magnificent barrier reef.

Other seniors that worked very hard for this year’s office practice are Cristy Witlshire(Scotia Bank) and Christian Ku (San Pedro Town Council).

I would like to thank Ambergris Today for a wonderful experience in working along with all the staff. It was surely a memorable experience, one which I would carry on my future endeavors.

Chandel RodriguezGabriela NuñezJanelle Alvarez Armando RiveroJessica GarciaNereidy GonzalezMisheilby LeivaRamses Ramirez and Roberto TorrizCristy WiltshireChristian Ku

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